Imagine that you have never seen a piano before.  Suddenly, there it is:  huge and clumsy, maybe even ugly and scary.  You approach it and wonder which side is the front.   You have no idea what it is or why it is there.  You walk around the thing poking and shoving; mostly, it does nothing.  Then, you finally come to the keys.  You hit them and you find that this thing makes a sound: an awful noise.  The more you bang away at it, the more your suspicions of ugliness and scariness are confirmed.

But, what if someone led you by the hand, sat you down in front of the keys, and showed you where to place your fingers?  What would then happen when your hand fell?  You will have struck a chord.  You will have found Music.

The body is like an undiscovered instrument.  My job as a yoga teacher is to lead you to play it.  My mission is to make a space for you to reveal your song.


Tuesday's @ 6:00pm:  Motherheart  •  2359 E Susquehanna Av

Tuesday's @ 7:30pm:  Motherheart  •  2359 E Susquehanna Av

Wednesday's @ 6:30pm:  Breathing Room  •  2926 Richmond St

Thursday's @ 7:00am:  Motherheart  •  2359 E Susquehanna Av


My classes approach slow-flow Vinyasa with a Classical set of mind.  This means that there will be dynamic movement and the “Vinyasa” sequence of postures and flow, but all in the service of meditation, acceptance, and healing.

I pay a lot of attention to detail.  I believe that there is wisdom embedded within the shapes themselves, and I want to show it to you.  I hope that the care that I take in guiding the class leads you to care for yourself.


I started practicing yoga in the summer of 2003, looking for a way to get into shape.  And while that did happen, I found that the practice had shaken me.  I am still shaking.  

First, I was captured by the postures and sequences themselves.  I was affected by the wisdom embedded in them.  I was drawn to the energy of the teachers I met; I had not really known seekers of this kind before.  They would have a lot teach me, about postures and otherwise.  Through Yoga’s teachings, I have come to face fears and find nuanced understandings of my self.  In this process, I have come to heal and seek authenticity.

I practiced for many years at The Yoga Room in New York where I practiced predominantly the Vinyasa and Anusara styles.  I have also practiced Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Bikram, among other styles, in New York and and in Philadelphia.  Today, my practice is centered upon the Classical style taught at Motherheart Yoga Sanga.