The body is like an undiscovered instrument.  My job as a yoga teacher is to lead you to play it.  I intend to lay down foundations and present an approach to handling your practice.  My mission is to make a space for you to reveal your song.


Monday's @ 12:00pm:

The Healing Fields  1030 N 2nd St.

Tuesday's @ 6:00pm: 

Motherheart Yoga Sangha  2359 E Susquehanna Av

Tuesday's @ 7:30pm:

Motherheart Yoga Sangha  2359 E Susquehanna Av

Wednesday's @ 6:30pm:

The Breathing Room 2926 Richmond St

Thursday's @ 7:00am:

Motherheart Yoga Sangha  2359 E Susquehanna Av


My classes combine dynamic movement and the “Vinyasa” sequence of postures and flow with a caring and thoughtful pace in order to serve meditation and harmony in the Self.

I pay a lot of attention to detail.  I want to guide you with patience and precision; I want to take you deep into a world of exquisite nuance.  Through sensitive exploration, layers will unlock and become revealed.  I hope that the care that I take in guiding the class leads you to care for yourself and opens the door to your practice.


My background is in the Vinyasa and Anusara styles.  I have also practiced Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Bikram, among other styles.  Today, my practice centers upon the Classical style.  

I started practicing yoga in the spring of 2003.  I wanted to escape the stress of my IT job; I wanted to supplement my life-long practice of art: and I was looking for a way to get into shape.  And while that did happen, I found that the practice had shaken me.  I am still shaking.  At first, I was captivated by how making shapes made me feel.  Over time, I became captivated by the wisdom embedded in those shapes.  Through Yoga’s teachings, I have come to face fears and find understandings of myself.  In this process, I have come to heal and seek authenticity.